Jagriti Pande

Apply for the Scholarship Program

My mission is to help aspiring UX designers create a real impact on their work and succeed in their careers.

But the cost is often a roadblock. I want to give opportunities to aspirants who are extremely passionate about serious growth regardless of whether or not they can afford the education.

Last Date to Apply – 30th July, 2020

Who should apply for the Scholarship?

✅   You have less than 1 year of experience as a UX Designer
✅ You do not have any source of income to pay for your fee
✅  You are looking for a serious UX Education and are willing to put in the hours to accomplish that transformation.
✅  You are not afraid of hard work.
✅  You embrace any challenge you face and are determined to do whatever it takes to succeed.
✅  You are a self-driven individual that takes the initiative to learn

What it takes to be the Scholarship Student?

The scholarship is for those aspirants who cannot pay for this course, but are going to pay for it with the content. It is not going to be easy, and it requires great deal of hard work. If you are already wondering, it is better to pay than do the extra work, you may actually be right.

Qualifying for the scholarship program and then successfully completing it is an accomplishment I assure you would be proud of 4 months later.

If you actually put in work, you will get the most of this course.

This is what you have to commit and do to be a Scholarship Student

✅ Submit a commitment fee of 2000 INR which will be refunded to you only if you fulfill the criteria mentioned below.

✅ Attend every session, complete the course work and the assignments without fail (no time extensions, no exceptions)

✅ Write 1 well researched article/ week on a UX realated topic that I ask you to write on.
You will be required to provide one orignal article draft on Google Doc every week. This article will be published on our blog with your name and due credit. Throughout the duration of the course, you should have authored no less than 16 blog posts and a minimum of 1,000 words per post. I may also ask you to work on a report/ebook instead of blog posts at some point in time. In that case, we could adjust the number of blogs.

This requirement is non negotiable and you will be vetted to ensure this requirement is met.

✅ The content written by you must be original and involve your understanding of the content. Failing to execute it for the first time, will lead to a warning. If this happens twice, your scholarshop will be revoked and your 2000 INR would not be refunded to you.

Your payment for this certificate is your content. I want you to earn it rightfully and be proud of it.


Next Steps

1. Fill the form below for applying to scholarship. Your application will be vetted on submission.

2. You will be told about whether or not you are selected by 25th July.

3. If selected you will get an email and a phone call from us with next steps and formalities.

We request you to not follow up on the status of your application as it may not be possible to get back to you before every application is vetted. In case we have any questions regarding your application, we will reach out directly.