Jagriti Pande

Why is this course economical in comparision to other courses online?

I am launching this course in honor of my parents who are both turning 63 this year. I am launching this course on my father’s birthday, 13th July. And this is my gift for him.

Both my parents come from humble backgrounds. My Mom comes from a family of teachers. Her father established the first school for the children of a remote village in hilly areas of Uttarakhand, India. He did not have money but had the will to educate not only his children but every other child. My Mom was a teacher too who taught for 30 years of her life.

My father, on other hand, left regular school at the age of 14 years because he had to earn money to support his family of 9. However, he never stopped learning. He completed his entire education as a distance learner. He had 2 Post Graduate Degrees and even after retirement his willingness to learn never ceases to amaze me.

He learned to drive his first car at 53 and he is learning music these days.

Starting from the meager jobs, he became a Grade 1 Officer in Indian Government Service. He retired just 3 years back after working for 46 years.

The only thing that my parents had when they came to the city from the remote hills of India was Education and skills.

My parents have taught me the value of Education and how it is a great Equalizer for anyone.

This course is dedicated to all the self-learners who are learning new skills on their own.

This huge discount is my special gift for you on my father’s birthday.